Admission Open - 2022- 2023


We rise by lifting others


Serve needy


  • To serve the society in its possible need
  • To involve students with extracurricular activities
  • To facilitate conductive academic environment in the campus
  • To build responsiveness among students about the social responsibilities
  • To develop leadership skill among students
  • To Promote the intercultural relation and welfare of students

SRCEM started a Social welfare Club name “SEVARTH” on dated 13th October 2017 to perform social welfare Programme in society.

Convener of SEVARTH

Dr. Chhavi Rathi (Associate Professor)

Vice President of SEVARTH

Naveen (B.Tech ME)

President Of SEVARTH

Mr. Aashish Goyal (MBA)


Mr. Yatin (B.Tech ME)


  • Aakash (B.Tech ME)
  • Vishal (B.Tech ME)
  • Deepika (B.Tech CSE)
  • Kajal (B.Tech CSE)
  • Kavita (B.Tech CE)
  • Sonu (B.Tech ME)
  • Kanika (B.Tech CSE)
  • Vidushi (B.Tech CSE)
  • Priya (B.Tech CSE)


  • Ajay (B.Tech CSE)
  • Vivek (B.Tech CSE)
  • Mayank (B.Tech CSE)
  • Chaitanya (B.Tech CSE)
  • Chaitanya (B.Tech CSE)
  • Randeep (B.Tech CSE)
  • Abhinav (B.Tech CE)
  • Kishan Kumar (B.Tech CSE)

  • Mohit Sharma (B.Tech CSE)
  • Rohit (B.Tech CSE)
  • Abhi (B.Tech CSE)
  • Kritika (B.TechCSE)
  • Aayush (Diploma CE)
  • Abhay (Diploma CE)
  • Anubhuti (Diploma CE)

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