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Skill Development Centre


MMTC-PAMP is state-of-the-art precious metal processing refinery which refines gold & silver and is India’s first & only LBMA accredited facility. MMTC-PAMP and SRCEM has established Integrated Skill Development Center to provide training to Mechanical Engineering students. A batch of 12 selected students are undergoing training for 2 years. During Training monthly stipend of  2,000 is paid. After successfully completion of training students likely to be provided job in MMTC-PAMP.

Salient Feature of MoU:

  •  A batch of 15 students will be selected for this programme.
  • They will be provided training for 2 years in addition to curriculum.
  • Student will be provided stipend per month by MMTC-PAMP.
  • After successful completion of training, job is assured in MMTC-PAMP.
  • Infrastructure of the program will be developed by MMTC-PAMP.


Velocis system is leading player in netwoking, computing, messaging, portals & business automation. Velocis has signed MOU for Skill Development Programme at SRCEM Campus. A batch of 20 B.Tech student is undergoing training. Networking Training is being imparted and they will be made CISCO certified. After CISCO certified job avenue will be more and most of them are likely to be placed.

Purpose for Setting up Skill Development Centre:

Innovative Training for Employable Skills Creates a Real Difference”

  • Thousands of students pass-out from various institutions to the “Real World of Work” and face the daunting task of dealing with work life due to the lack of practical training .
  • Students require latest training techniques, updated modes & methods, to facilitate smooth transition to an computer work environment
  • The current systems are based on theoretical knowledge and are not focused on practical aspects required by computer science industry
  • The purpose of setting up a skill development centre is to provide an in-depth working experience through a innovative training schedule to make the students employable from day one and pursue a successful career in Computer Science Industry

Method of Teaching Techniques to the Student in Student Innovation Unit

  •  ‘Motivation’ is the real key to success. Student’s commitment to education and skill-fully improvement is a huge stride towards life style of winning
  • Personality development sessions for all students
  •  Upgradation of programming skills through a comprehensive skill programme across the entire education span
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