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Shri M.C. Mittal

Shri M.C. Mittal

“In essence, we at SRCEM mould young minds into resourceful and perceptive professionals, ready to embark upon challenging careers.”

I firmly believe that to meet the challenges of a global economy and the fast changing technologies, high quality education holds the key to achieve the corporate goals as well as inclusive social progress objective. With the onset of globalisation, a new business environment has evolved. The engineers and managers of tomorrow need to acquire the skills to face the challenges posed by the business and economic environment, As a result the organisations are looking for engineering and management graduates, who with fresh insights and innovative ideas can develop strategies for sustainable growth and meet the challenges of growing market threats and technological complexities. Shri Ram College of Engineering & Management (SRCEM) has been established with the twin objectives of preparing the younger generation to occupy responsible positions in organisations by widening their horizon of knowledge and equipping them with all the necessary skills to become managers of tomorrow with full awareness of corporate social responsibility. SRCEM is strongly committed towards academic excellence and professional growth. We endeavour to constantly provide an ethical dimension to professional education. This value orientation is of prime importance in a national economy fast integrating itself with the global economic system.

Our programmes provide a platform for enhancement of analytical skills of the students making them capable of evolving meaningful solutions to engineering and management problems. In essence, we at SRCEM mould young minds into resourceful and perceptive professional, ready to embark upon challenging careers.

The faculty has been carefully handpicked to groom the students as prospective leaders and ensure a combination of experience, expertise and professionalism with opportunity to achieve their potential to the fullest. All the programmes are carefully designed so that the students gain sound knowledge of theory and hands on experience making them both competent and confident to meet the challenges in their respective fields.

I am confident that you would find stay in SRCEM campus to be challenging and a rewarding experience.

Co-Founder Trustee

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