Admission Open - 2022- 2023

MLA Shri Narender Gupta



MLA Shri Narender Gupta

“We believe, the illiterate of the 21st century will not be the one who can not read and write, but the one who can not learn and relearn.”

Welcome to Shri Ram College of Engineering & Management. A hearty welcome to one and all.

The first decade of the 21st century is a time of unprecedented change for India. While Indian Industry confronts the challenges and opportunities of globalization and liberalization, the nation is faced with the imperative of rapid and sustained economic growth. These features of the economic and social context resonate strongly with the mission of the Shri Ram College of Engineering & Management, which is to create a cadre of professionals who are able to manage business activities in a dynamically changing environment where technology and adaptability are the key determinants of success. Adaptability because it is not hard to learn more. What’s hard is to unlearn when you discover yourself wrong.

We believe, the illiterate of the 21st century will not be the one who can not read and write, but the one who can not learn and relearn.

With this vision in mind, more than creating an environment where pupils can learn, we want to nurture an environment where pupils can learn to imagine because learning is what has been done. Imagination is what can be done. Learning leads to understanding. Imagination leads to innovation. Imagination is the key to the future, as it has been since the times of Archimedes and Newton to present day Technology Giants like Google and Apple. So we don’t want the students to graduate as mere engineers, we want to Inspire them to graduate as dreamers because dreamers are the actual human resource or as we like to call it human resource 2.0.

SRCEM strives to create those human resources, which through their business acumen and human sensitivity shall add value to the ongoing attempts at pushing technology and creating business value.

As envisaged by Tagore, providing an enabling culture to the participants to learn and grow fearlessly and aim for perfection, the institute wishes to inculcate values of personal excellence and concern for others thus imbibing egalitarian values which would then help the large society to build and manage ecologically responsible organizations.

It is my sincere hope that students of SRCEM shall bring pride to the Institute and the Country.

MLA Shri Narender Gupta
Co-Founder Trustee

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