Admission Open - 2022- 2023


Information and facts written in print media has been the most comfortable and reliable way of gathering knowledge since the inception of humanity. A large number of texts are available for every topic wherein every author exhibits his understanding in his own way. The senior faculty of SRCEM has gone through a wide range of texts available for every topic related to Engineering and Management. The team has had a keen look at the writing style, content strength and relativity with the requirements and has filtered out standard books and journals that would benefit the students in their academics.

A large central library has been setup housing more than 30,000 filtered books of standard level, hundreds of journals and magazines. The texts are managed in an easily browse-able repository wherein texts are kept department wise and are further categorized according to topics they relate. The library is also connected with the Online Library Network (Delnet) that offers an easy student-faculty access to the vast amount of digital information available 24 X 7. Students can easy track the location of required books by browsing the online catalogue as well as communicating with the library administration team.

Dedicated reading area has also been provisioned where students can study and make important notes. This prevents students from carrying a lot of books for required topics.Books, Magazines and Journals are issued to students so that they can attain more knowledge that may not be a part of their academic curriculum. Text reading is also suggested by the teachers and librarian after keen exploration of recent trends in industry. The meaningful efforts of teachers and library administration have helped students to find the right direction of reading in relevance to the topics of their choice.

Thus, this Top institute for Engineering in Palwal and the Best College for Management in Palwal has made proven efforts in facilitating the students with the best, fruitful and standard reading material in abundance.

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