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Hostel Mess

SRCEM, being the Top Engineering College in Palwal and the Best Management College Palwal is committed to provide a highly innovative, healthy and cooperative learning environment to the students. The institute understands the importance of clean and healthy living for better learning. With the motto of “A Home, away from our Home”, SRCEM has established separate hostels for boys and girls equipped with all facilities and amenities to provide comfortable living to the resident students. The room are big and airy with proper ventilation and cleaning. Separate beds and wardrobes are provided to each resident along with a dedicated study table. There is a provision of adequate lightning and cooling in living rooms along with regularly cleaned bed sheets. Every effort is made by the hostel staff to maintain a hygienic, calm and healthy living environment.

To encourage co-operation among students, a common room for discussions and television watching has been provided where students can share their ideas and also get involved in collaborative learning. In-house gymnasium has been set up with a good number of tools and machineries where students exercise to attain a better physical appearance and internal strength under the supervision of expert trainers. In support to the vision of Learning with Fun, a number of Indoor and Outdoor games are provisioned to keep students fresh and busy with their friends. Hostel nights and other events are organized on regular intervals as an add-on to the fun in living.

Hostel mess is maintained by skilled caterers who are committed to provide hygienic and tasty meals in conformance to the standards laid by food inspection authorities. A variety of dishes are prepared according to the time table created in adherence to the taste and likings of students. Fresh vegetables are purchased and processed in such a way that students get ample of nutritious ingredients from their diet. Special diets are also prepared occasionally as an add-on to the flavours of mess.

Thus, every attempt is made to facilitate student highly calm and comfortable living environment so that they can stay more focused on learning and skill development.

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