Admission Open - 2022- 2023



To be eligible to appear for the University examinations, it is mandatory for all students to have attained the minimum attendance (75%) requirement of the affiliating university. It is unequivocally stated that shortage of attendance shall not normally be condoned. Students are also necessarily required to comply with the minimum norms of the Institute in respect of sessional tests, internal evaluations and all other academic matters to be eligible to appear for the university examinations.

No Smoking

As a measure of abundant caution, students are informed that smoking, consumption of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicant by whatsoever name called within the Institute and/or its hostels is strictly prohibited by law. Any student(s) found indulging in any such activity shall forthwith be expelled from the Institute, without exception.

Use of Cellular Phones is Strictly Prohibited

Use of cellular phones/pager within the college campus is strictly prohibited.

Rules – General Information

All students admitted to the Institute will be governed by the rules and regulations of the Institute from time to time. Accordingly students are advised to fully acquaint themselves with the rules and regulations of the institute prior to seeking admission.

A candidate who furnishes particulars which are found to be false or suppressed material information, will not be considered for admission and if he / she has been admitted on such information, notwithstanding legal action, his / her admission shall stand cancelled and all his / her fees forfeited.

A student seeking admission to the Institute should exercise his / her option with due care. No change in stream will be allowed once the student has been admitted to the institute after the last date of admission notified by the competent authority.

Student Misconduct

The Institute regards certain forms of student behaviour as unacceptable and will deal with such behaviour following procedures that regard both the rights and safety of the Institute’s community. Generally, misconduct by a student is deemed to be any behaviour which:

  • Disrupts the learning of others.
  • Prevents staff members from performing their duties.
  • Endangers the health and safety of staff or students.
  • Interferes with the conduct of Institute operations.
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