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Computer Science & Engineering

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Computers play a vital role in every field. They aid industrial processes; They find application in medicine; they are the heart of the software industry; they play a vital role in education. I personally can’t imagine life without a Computer. The department of computer science and engineering is to serve society through excellence in education. We provide for our student an education in computer science and computer engineering and we attempt to instil in them the attitude and values that will prepare them for a lifetime of continued learning and leadership. Through collaborative learning idea, the Department works with the vision “Do not use technology develop your own”. 

Nandini Sharma

Ms. Nandini Sharma


About Department

Computers are an inherent part of our lives in the current decade. Computers are everywhere. May it be our office, homes or pocket, we witness a deep impact of computers on our routine works. Since its inception, computers have gone through a long chain of revolutionary ideas and remarkable evolutions. It is because of the efforts of thousands of researchers and engineers that we have achieved so much advancements in science and technology where computer proves to be the most important contributor. And the story doesn’t end here. We are witnessing more advancements in computing faster than ever before.This has laid a huge demand for skilled computer engineers who understand the design, analysis and implementation of computational systems with innovative ideas. Such a high demand has laid a need to setup technical institutions that can produce creative and worthy engineers. SRCEM, the Top Computer Science Engineering College in Palwal understands this demand and has responded with the establishment of an ultra-modern infra for computer science students.

The Department of Computers Science & Engineering constituted in 2008, is on a mission to satisfy the increasing demand of skilled engineers by providing high-quality computational learning and Technical skills under the milieu of the Best Computer Science Engineering College in Palwal, the SRCEM. The only objective of this Top Computer Science Engineering College Palwal is to produce engineers with extraordinary capabilities so that they serve the industry to fullest. Department is equipped with air-conditioned computer labs hosting computer devices with latest configurations. The computers and their software are fine-tuned and updated in compliance with the latest industry standards. Highly qualified and experienced faculty provides quality lectures and laboratory sessions with adequate demonstrations and hands-on practice. Dedicated Project lab has been set up to provide an innovative environment where students work to give a live shape to their ideas under the supervision of faculty. Technical workshops by eminent organizations are conducted on a regular basis. The department follows a pure career-oriented approach and makes deep efforts to satisfy the needs of students. As a result, a good number of students have been placed in eminent industries such as IBM, Wipro, Genpact, Oracle, HCL, Sony, Vodafone and many others. Thus, the department has succeeded in providing carer oriented training and has contributed to the legend of success of SRCEM.



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